Mark Gebert is an authorized Guiding Insight Meditation teacher who began his meditation practice more than 45 years ago with insight meditation teachers Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg, and Jack Kornfield. His primary teacher has been Joseph Goldstein, and he has trained more recently with guiding senior insight teachers Rodney Smith and Narayan Liebenson. His teaching emphasis is the  essentials for a skillful wise affectionate life and how Mindfulness/Awareness in all aspects of daily life can provide an opportunity for Awakening.  J. Krishnamurti also has had a lasting and profound influence on his teaching. He has studied with numerous other teachers primarily in the Theravada tradition, but also in the Tibetan and Zen traditions.  Mark has attended 3 three-month silent retreats and dozens of other retreats mostly at the Insight Meditation Society, the Forest Refuge, and the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies. He is an organizer/facilitator at the Sandy Springs Insight Meditation Group, is the Guiding Insight Meditation teacher for the Half Day retreats, and leads silent retreats in Georgia. Mark co-founded the Roswell Insight Meditation Community in 2016 with an emphasis on inclusivity, affection and Transformation of all aspects of one's life. He is also an ordained Christian deacon and has a doctorate in Psychology. 

Roswell Insight Meditation Community 


​Rev. L​​​​​​isa Story  is a Buddhist teacher and psychotherapist in Marietta, Georgia.  She co-founded the Roswell Insight Meditation Community in 2016, and she has been leading weekly meditation groups and meeting with individual students since that time.  She received lay ordination as a Buddhist Minister or Archarya, in the Embracing Simplicity Contemplative Order in 2022.  This is a dual lineage order, in Theravada and Mahayana/Vajrayana lineages.  She is drawn to inter-faith teachings, as well as the integration of different Buddhist paths in the West.  Her personal practice has been primarily grounded in Theravada (Insight Meditation) and Pure Awareness (Dzogchen) practice.  She has a doctorate in Clinical Psychology, and has a small private practice.  She is a grateful student of the Dharma.