08/05/2019: Learning to Dance With the Unwanted, Turning Toward the Difficult, Part 3, - includes Q&A and Meditation Exercise for Fear (RAFTS), Mark Gebert

07/22/19: Selfing, Part 2, Lisa Story

07/16/19: Selfing, Part 1, Lisa Story

07/08/2019: Meditation Exercise (RAFT)for Learning to Dance With the Unwanted Turning Toward the Difficult - Part 2, Mark Gebert

07/08/2019: Learning to Dance With the Unwanted, Turning Toward the Difficult - Part 2, Mark Gebert

07/01/2019: Similarities of Buddhism and the Twelve Steps, Bowman Yager and Rich Ita ​​

06/24/2019: Learning to Dance With the Unwanted, Turning Toward the Difficult - Part 1, with Meditation Exercise (ROAR), Mark Gebert

06/17/2019: A True Sangha - Part 2, Veletta Gebert

06/10/19: Are We There Yet? Lisa Story

06/03/2019: Developing and Realigning Toward Awakened Values - Part 4 - Inclusivity, Mark Gebert

05/20/2019: Not Knowing, Lisa Story

05/06/2019: A True Sangha - Part 1, Veletta Gebert

4/22/2019: Maybe So, Part Two, Lisa Story

04/15/2019: Developing and Realigning Toward Awakened Values - Part 3 - Forgiveness, Mark Gebert

04/15/2019: Forgiveness Meditation for Awakened Values - Part 3 Forgiveness, Mark Gebert

04/08/2019: Maybe So, Lisa Story

04/01/2019: Developing and Realigning Toward Awakened Values - Part 2 - Patience and Equanimity,        Mark Gebert

03/18/2019: Developing and Realigning Toward Awakened Values - Part 1 - Generosity and Morality,         Mark Gebert​

03/18/2019: Loving Kindness for Developing and Realigning Toward Awakened Values - Part 1, Mark Gebert

03/11/2019: Doing and Being, Lisa Story

03/04/19: Your Life is Your Practice - A Lifetime of Mindfulness - Part 2 with Guided

   Loving Kindness, Mark Gebert

02/25/19: Faith and Taking Refuge, Lisa Story

​02/18/19: Your Life is Your Practice - A Lifetime of Mindfulness - Part 1, Mark Gebert

02/18/19: Your Life is Your Practice - Loving Kindness, Mark Gebert

02/04/19: Transforming Darkness to Light - The Miracles of Mindfulness, Mark Gebert

01/21/19: Open Mic Monday with MLK Loving Kindness and Reflections, Mark Gebert

01/14/19: Karma and Clear Comprehension, Lisa Story

01/07/19: Be Here Now - But How? Psychological Time - Real or Memorex, Mark Gebert

12/10/18: Vows, Lisa Story

12/3/18: Locus of Control and Our Spiritual Path, Mark Gebert

12/3/18: Q&A and Loving Kindness for Locus of Control and Our Spiritual Path, Mark Gebert

11/26/18: CBCT Guest Speaker, Maureen Shelton

11/19/18: Eating Meditation, Veletta Gebert

​​11/5/18: Fear and Dread, Lisa Story

10/29/18:  The Five Remembrances, Christi

10/22/18: Nonviolence Through Purity of Heart, Mark Gebert

10/22/18: Meditation Exercise, Q&A, Loving Kindness (Nonviolence Through Purity of Heart), Mark Gebert

10/8/18: Anger, Lisa Story

9/24/18: Open Mic Monday - Q&A Discussion, Mark Gebert

9/17/18: The Worldly Winds, Lisa Story

9/10/18: What Did the Buddha Know? - Exclusive vs Inclusive Samadhi, Mark Gebert

8/27/18: The Way of the Bodhisattva by Shantideva, Gareth Young

8/20/18: Clear Seeing: The Three Characteristics, Lisa Story

8/6/18: Noting, Lisa Story

7/23/18: The Most Dangerous of all Hindrances - Doubt and Procrastination, Mark Gebert

7/9/18: Meditation Hindrances and Antidotes Part 1, Mark Gebert

6/18/18: Cultivating the Wholesome, Lisa Story

6/11/18: Generosity, Lisa Story

6/4/18: The 4th Foundation: The Seven Factors of Awakening, Mark Gebert

5/21/18: What to do With Thought in Meditation? Friend or Foe?, Mark Gebert

5/14/18: The 3rd Foundation - Mindfulness of Mind, Mark Gebert

5/7/18: Four Foundations of Mindfulness: Feelings, Lisa Story

4/30/2018: Meditation Mistakes and Misconceptions, Mark Gebert

4/23/18: Four Foundations of Mindfulness, Body, Lisa Story

4/16/18: Setting the Intention to Practice, Lisa Story

​​​4/9/18: CBCT, Self Compassion, Maureen Shelton

4/2/2018: The Noble Eightfold Path - Wise Effort, Wise Concentration, Wise Mindfulness, Mark Gebert

3/26/18: The Noble Eightfold Path: Wise Speech, Action, Livelihood, Lisa Story

3/19/18: The Noble Eightfold Path: Wise View and Wise Intention, Lisa Story

3/12/18: The Four Noble Truths, Mark Gebert

3/5/18: Ehipassiko - Come See for Yourself, Mark Gebert

2/26/18:Presence: How Mindfulness and Meditation Shape Your  Brain, Mind, and Life , Paul Verhaeghen        2/19/18: Self Compassion, Lisa Story

2/12/18: Open Mic Monday - Q&A/Discussion, Mark Gebert

2/5/18: The Wings of Truth - Wisdom and Compassion, Mark Gebert

1/22/18: Walking Meditation - Importance and Benefits with Instruction, Veletta Gebert

​​​1/15/18: Equanimity - Rooted in Wisdom and the Foundation of the Brahma Viharas, Mark Gebert

12/18/17: Open Mic Monday - Q&A and Discussion, Mark Gebert

12/11/17: Karma, Lisa Story

12/4/17: Intention, Lisa Story

11/27/17: Interconnection and Gratitude, Geshe Ngawang Phende

11/13/17: Mudita (Sympathetic Joy), Lisa Story​

11/6/17: Rolling Up the Mat (with Q & A and Lovingkindness), Mark Gebert

10/23/17: Impermanence Continued (Dukkha, Anicca, Anatta), Lisa Story

10/16/17: Spiritual Courage (with Q & A and Lovingkindness), Mark Gebert

10/9/17: Impermanence, Lisa Story

​10/2/17: Living During Difficult Times- Reflections From a Tender Heart, Mark Gebert​

​9/18/17: ROARR - An Acronym for a Skillful Insight Practice and Your Life (with Q & A and Loving Kindness),  Mark Gebert​

8/28/17: Being "Good" Continued, Lisa Story

8/21/17: Being "Good", Lisa Story​

8/14/17: Working With Pain​

8/7: What is in Our Heart That Keeps us Apart-Antidotes (with Q&A and Loving Kindness), Mark Gebert

7/31: Taking Refuge, Lisa Story

7/24/27: The Four Things Siddhartha saw. Or was it Five? Kevin Quiles

​7/​​17/17: What is In Our Heart That Keeps Us Apart?, Mark Gebert

6/26/17: Fear, Lisa Story

6/19/17: 30 Day Retreat Refections, Mark Gebert

6/12/17: Dependent Origination, Geshe Dadul Namgyal

6/5/17: The Art and Wisdom of Retreating, Mark Gebert

05/22/17: Right Speech, Lisa Story

​05/15/17: Finding Centeredness, Week 3, Gareth Young

05/08/17: Finding Centeredness,Week 2, Gareth Young

05/01/17: Finding Centeredness in Times of Turmoil, Gareth Young​

04/24/17: The Paramitas- Bodhisattva Perfections​, Mark Gebert

04/18/17: The Wanting Mind, Lisa Story

04/03/17: Bodhicitta, The Bodhisattva Way to Awakening for All, Mark Gebert​

03/13/17: Generosity, Lisa Story

03/06/17: A Christian in a Buddhist World, Veletta Gebert

02/27/17: Forgiveness, Lisa Story

02/20/17: CBCT Compassion Training, Carol Beck

02/13/17: The Four Immeasurables, Geshe Dadul Namgyal

01/30/17: Us and Them  Lisa Story

01/16/17: Are We There Yet?, Lisa Story

01/14/17: Retreat, Hindrances and Daily Practice, Mark Gebert

01/14/17: Retreat, Just a Handful of Leaves, Mark Gebert

01/02/17: Medicine for the Meditation Hindrances,  Mark Gebert

12/12/16: Intention, Lisa Story

12/5/16: Mindfulness and Daily Practice for a Lifetime, Mark Gebert

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