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Dear members,
Roswell Insight would like to invite you to join us virtually through Zoom on Monday nights at 7:00 pm. We will have a sitting meditation, Dharma talk, discussion/Q&A, loving kindness and announcements will follow. A typical night using this format would end about 8:30.

Monday, October 26th - We will be joined by guest speaker,     John Orr     To learn more about John, please visit,

​Dana can be offered to John at:

Or mailed to:

John Orr, 2301 Hermitage Rd, Hillsboro NC 27278

Monday, November 2nd - Lisa will give the talk titled "Cultivating the Wholesome"

During this period of "Together, Yet Apart" our resolve must be even stronger to commit to a daily practice which, as we have often said, is for all sentient beings. With additional time likely spent away from work and others it may be the perfect time for us to continue to sit "together, yet apart" or even strengthen our practice.
During these days of stress, concern and social (physical) distancing it is important that we do not become disconnected. It is also an important time to reconnect with those in isolation or in need.
To Make Zoom Easier:   Before hand - Practice.
Go to, download and install the software and create a free account.
To Attend: join the meeting at

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Type your name so everyone knows who is there and be sure to "Join using computer audio". You will need Mute/Unmute  and Start/Stop video(so others can see you). Gallery View and Speaker View at the top may also be helpful. (These plus call-in directions are on meetup)